Classical Dance Exercises for Fitness & Fun

Sue will be holding her next set of Classical Dance Exercises for Fitness & Fun classes on Wednesdays from 10th April to 15th May2019. Classes will take place in the Centre from 2-3pm. Please have a word with Sue at the Centre if you’re interested.

About Sue and the course: Sue has over 40 years experience of teaching adults and children. Have a look at this short video of Sue demonstrating a simple exercise to the class.

Here’s what people say about the course

“Excellent activity for improving fitness and mobility. As an absolute beginner, I can see the benefits already.”

“Love every minute.”

About the sessions: These sessions are for anyone who would like to learn to improve their suppleness, strength, posture and breathing techniques.

What to wear: Warm, comfortable clothing which allows you to move around freely and soft slippers/trainers. Ballet shoes (pink leather, suede-soled) may be ordered through Sue if you would like to have a pair. All proceeds will go to the Centre.

If you would prefer to come along and watch one of her sessions then please feel free to do so and enjoy watching a Ballet DVD as well as enjoying the music that is used to dance to. You don’t have to have any previous dance experience and you can join in at any time. All sessions are tailored to the participants abilities and if you wish to ‘sit out’ of any of the exercises you may do so.

If you are interested in joining these sessions please email Sue at [email protected] or call into the Centre on any Wednesday for a chat.

We would love to see you!