Complimentary Therapies are now available in The Centre once again. Please call to pre-book.

A diagnosis of cancer can be a devastating and very stressful time for you and your family. You may feel that you are struggling to cope both physically and emotionally during your treatment and after it has finished. You may feel exhausted, anxious or depressed or suffer physical symptoms.

It is known that stress has a negative impact on the body and, if not managed well, can have a detrimental effect on recovery. It isn’t always easy to avoid stress but there are effective ways to manage it. The positive way in which Complementary Therapies can help the body and mind to regain balance at such times is well documented; if we give ourselves time to rest and relax, different signals will be sent to our body to support the hormone, nervous and immune systems.

The therapies we offer are designed to help your mind and body relax and allow you to establish a greater sense of calm and a healthier balance in your life.

They are available as part of our support services to people who have had a diagnosis of cancer and to those who support them including carers, family members and friends.

Sessions can be taken over a brief period of time or spread out over several months according to your own needs. Some people find that they get all they need from one therapy while others find it helpful to explore a few different ones over time. Generally therapies are offered as a block of three sessions but there is the opportunity for one-off or “taster” sessions. Our Centre Coordinators will be able to discuss the options open to you and help you to plan your treatment programme.

You’ll find more information on the treatments we can offer by looking at our treatments page.

We are also able to offer you access to two self-help therapy videos, from our Reflexology therapists.

The second video has been made for us by Emma. This 7 minute relaxing session guides you through reflexology for your hands, with tips to reduce anxiety.

Donations to support our work and towards therapies are very welcome. Every penny helps us continue supporting those in need. Please click on the donate button above. Thank you.

All our therapists have experience of working with cancer patients and are fully insured and registered with a professional governing body.

Treatments are modified and adapted to ensure safe practice; the therapist will take a full history at your first treatment and note where precautions are necessary. Your treatment plan will be reviewed before all subsequent sessions to take account of any changes in your condition.

Complementary therapies are provided as part of our support services, not as an alternative to conventional treatment.

If you are interested in the treatments we offer, please contact our Centre Management Team at the Cambridge Cancer Help Centre or on 01223 840105.