Day-to-day management of the Centre is the responsibility of the Centre Management Team – a full-time Centre Manager supported by a Deputy Manager and team of volunteers. The role, most importantly, is to be a welcoming face and listening ear to everyone who visits, explaining what the Centre has to offer and exploring ways in which we can provide appropriate help and support.

The Centre Manager and Deputy are supported by a part-time voluntary Administrator.



The Trustees are responsible for the overall governance and development of the Centre. They include people who have worked for the Centre as volunteers, often over a number of years, as well as others recruited for their specific skills and interests. The Trustees play an active part in the running of the Centre, supporting the Centre Management Team as required.

The Trustees and Centre Manager meet monthly as a management team to review progress, address issues and plan for the coming months.

An Annual General Meeting is held normally at or around the end of March. In addition, the Trustees and Centre Manager meet during the summer to discuss Centre strategy and develop plans for the coming year (and beyond).

For further information on both the Trustees and Centre Management Team, please follow the links.