Centre Management Team

Day-to-day running of the Centre is the responsibility of our Centre Management Team supported by volunteers. The team consists of two full-time members of staff, the Centre Manager and the Volunteer Coordinator.

The most important aspect of the team’s role is to be a welcoming face and listening ear for everyone who visits. We aim to make each personĀ feel comfortable and at ease and offer practical and emotional support at what can be a difficult and frightening time.

In recent times, demand for the services offered by the Centre has increased significantly and continues to do so and we are now seeing real opportunities to grow and move towards our goal of being open and available five days a week.

Along with our dedicated volunteers and the support of the Trustees, our Management team structure ensures that the Centre can operate fully and effectively at all times (including holidays and times of sickness) whilst giving us the headroom to pursue opportunities for growth.

Our Centre Manager, Azra Krsic

Azra joined the team as Deputy Centre Manager in March 2017. She was appointed Acting Centre Manager in June 2017 and Centre Manager in April 2018.

Azra is responsible for all aspects of the daily running of the Centre with a primary focus on member care.

Our Volunteer Coordinator, Claire Milbourne

Claire joined the management team as Volunteer Coordinator in June 2021. Her primary focus is on the recruitment, development and management of our team of volunteers whose commitment and dedication is vital to the smooth running of the Centre.